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EYE OPENER! Honestly, I have always had the impression of Sanjay Dutt as the Munna Bhai of Munna Bhai MBBS or Haseena Maan Jaayegi. Every time I thought of him, I could either imagine his scene giving 'jadu ki jhappi'or telling the patients 'tension nhi lene ka!'  

But this movie has projected an image of him drastically opposite to what people had. It is a complete portrayal of the options he had chosen wrong in his life that put light on the sequences of tragic and pitiful events. This film is the story of him putting forth his side of the story.

The biopic unfolds his history with him, under the so called peer pressure, getting into the addiction of drugs, which got him to eventuallly lose track of his life and the influence of which had him waste his years, while struggling to retract yet inevitably pushed into the same vicious circle.

This movie shows how his bad choices in life led to an endless struggle for justice, a struggle to clear his name as a 'Terrorist', the one in which he fought tooth and nail to absolve himself of.

Honestly, this was a story which I had come across and read about earlier, yet unless it comes to sight, you do not fathom the extent of hardships Sanjay Dutt had suffered. This movie is not only the story covering the life of a celebrity, it also, from a learning aspect, enlightens its audience how every person makes mistake and one grave mistake can turn the life topsy turvy. It was these mistakes of his that, in shear oblivion or unknowldgeability were committed by Sanjay Dutt that had him suffer the way he did.

What we, as audience, see is a shear reflection of the characters that are portrayed by the actors. What these artists actually suffer behind the screens and behind the facade that they project are incomprehensible.

One more thing that I would most certainly like to highlight is the plausible fatherhood, the endeavours that Sunil Dutt did for Sanjay, wherein lest he didn't have his son released, he didn't give a sigh of relief, while his incessant efforts, efforts that fought the universe to get his son back were indubitably what came out as more challenging and possibly the most touching.

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! There is an absolutely essential fact that we should definitely address urgently. It is the eulogy of an actor that has come across, not only as a surprise, but also requires the greatest appreciation besides Ranbir Kapoor, that is Vicky Kaushal. Let me tell you this, I am a TRUE fan now and trust me on this, which you shall for a complete reliable outcome, Vicky Kaushal, after Raazi has made a mark and this might just be the beginning of a successful position in the industry ahead. His is a powerful portrayal which definitely calls for great appreciation.

What comes as a given is the greatest admiration for one of the most talented actors in the Hindi film industry, Ranbir Kapoor. It is so surprising and enchanting how he emulated the gait, the mannerisms and an entire embodiment of Sanjay Dutt.   

The response from the moment the trailer was released to the days just before the release of the movie when the theatres were already running houseful shows the hue and cry the flick had managed to muster and while I am all adored by the characters that Sanjay Dutt has been playing so far, I will be utterly unbiased and impartial and without an iota of doubt call this film a one time watch.

There are moments in the later half when you might feel it is a bit stretched for some reason, yet his story definitely calls for the audience to watch it.

So, I would give this movie a definite 3.5 out of 5 stars.  


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